Class A1: Sugar Floral Arrangement - Class A2: Floral ArrangementClass B: Floral Sugar CraftClass C: Floral InspirationsClass D: Display of Decorated CookiesClass E: A Decorated Plaque made from Pastillage or ChocolateClass F: Display of Six CupcakesClass G: A Sculpted / Carved CakeClass H: A Decorative ExhibitClass I: A Small Decorative ExhibitClass J: Miniature ExhibitClass K: Pushing the Boundaries: Innovation in SugarClass L: Fantasy Winter Wonderland Cake with up to four tiersClass M: A Royal Iced Celebration Cake of 1, 2 or 3 tiersClass N: A Single Tiered Celebration CakeClass O: A Wedding Cake of Three or More TiersClass P: Colourful Wedding Cake of Four or More TiersClass Q: Beginners – An 8” cake, round or square, decorated for a special occasionClass R: Character Novelty CakeClass S: Head Judge’s Wild Card – World Wide Carnivals & FestivalsClass T: Cake CollaborationsClass U: Decorative ExhibitClass V: Decorative ExhibitClass W: Junior Cupcake ChallengeClass X: Single Tiered Birthday CakeClass Y: Single Tiered Birthday Cake